The Green Building Starts with the Design

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The Green Building Starts with the Design: Recent trends in new home building is “green building”. Most people want green building materials in an efficient and durable. There’s even a Planet Green network, programming dedicated to promoting the Green Building. Ironically, many of these shows featuring green houses, thousands of square meters. You can work, but all the energy and materials used is much larger than a smaller home. My thesis is a fundamental principle of sustainable building starts with the architecture.

As a builder and small developer, I am always looking for new ideas and techniques to build more efficient buildings. Living in the latest trends not only help to promote sustainability, but it gives us a competitive advantage in selling to large corporations. Flexibility is the key to staying competitive.

While watching the “green house,” I find it ironic that many of the homes of thousands of square meters was built in the east, and empty nest occupied by a spouse. I was fascinated by technique, but puzzled by the motive behind the construction of homes. That’s more the fact that the mode of any kind, because it is the dimension of the principle of eco-friendly in order.

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Since 1970, the average family size shrank 27%, while the average square footage has increased by 66%. I would not blame anyone for building a big house. As a builder, we have many large houses for wealthy clients. But need to check if the premise is to build your new home to be The Green Building or trail you on earth, then shrink the size of your home.

U.S. The Green Building Council has a program called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The first entry in their calculations, number of bedrooms and square footage. This is only a starting point, but it has the greatest weight. Let us return to the “eco-friendly homes in the world,” I input some data from one house to attend. Certified more than 3500 square meters, 4-room house, as the basis of LEED is 52 points. In my development, we just want a 4-bedroom house, 2200 square meters and nearly half of the basement is finished. To qualify for LEED certification, we have to collect 43 points. It is 17% of the points required. Of course, the premium on the size of LEED residential program.

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The question is then how to design a smaller house and do not give up your seat. In Atlanta, there is never a problem with living here is very rare in architecture should solve this problem. Our development in North Georgia has focused on the restoration of a small Tuscan concept, a compact set in a “village” is located. Generally we are capable of 60% of agricultural land that has not been developed or maintained. At the same time many of our customers are used to a bigger house in a smaller house, so we, who have lived to make larger.

Fortunately we have an architect, hired Harrison Design Associates, has offices in Santa Barbara, California, is designing a house used in several small areas. They sent an architect to help the body to draw a first draft. What we found is that the quality is lower than our market in general a smaller home. What our customers want is not so great, such as high quality. They place special emphasis on the entertainment area. Because it houses a large, flexible area to receive the ability to flow chamber.

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The Green Building view

Each house has a walled garden with outdoor-style fireplace and enclosed veranda with French doors to the living room. Although we sacrifice the size of bedrooms and bathrooms, we do not sacrifice agreement. Each master bathroom has a claw foot tub, glass shower and oil rubbed bronze, Rohl fixtures. Address the issue of quality, we use Sub Zero and Wolf appliances, granite, hand polished, antique replica wooden floors, hand hewn beams and connected with other features of the house is much larger and more expensive. It is easier for high-end customers to determine the size, because of the high quality construction to maintain.

The decision to build your green home, taking into account all the principles we have discussed above. Decide what your reason, the first step. Remember that the outer space to include in your overall approach and does not sacrifice the whole room. Remember that smaller, allowing you to spend more money on quality. If America truly live, we strive for sustained more than 30 years of thinking about architecture and construction for the back of The Green Building.

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